Laciny Bros., Inc. - Family Owned Business

Owner: Tim Laciny
Generation of ownership: fourth
Year founded: 1916 

Since its founding as a custom metal fabrication shop specializing in machining, sheet metal work and tinning, Laciny Bros. has made sure to evolve and develop new skills over time in order to meet their clients’ needs. “The two major evolutions that have kept us viable for over a century can be tied directly to the food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and our ability to provide high end sanitary fabrication, as well as our expansion into custom machine design and fabrication,” says Tim Laciny, owner. “We have a full engineering staff to support our shop and we are as willing now, as we were 102 years ago, to design or fabricate anything on the cutting edge.” 

Today Laciny strives to maintain his company’s acute dedication to customer service. “In order to do that, you need to have continuity with your employees and the workforce who represent you,” he says. “The traditions that we uphold begin with the value we place on our employees and the knowledge that gets passed on from generation to generation. Many of the same values and traditions that existed in the 20s and 50s still have merit in today’s business climate, so as long as we treat our employees and customers the same way we traditionally have in the past, we stand a chance to have a bright future as well.” 

In addition, ownership within Laciny Bros. has always been family-centric. “My family has never asked an employee to do something that they wouldn’t do them- selves first,” says Laciny. “I think that team-first mentality has always been the driving force behind our success. Our employees can feel it, and our customers see it. Not only do we care about our product, but we care about each other as well. Major corporations can promote that kind of culture, but you simply can’t fabricate or preach it to be truly effective. Traditionally, my family has always led by example, and that still carries water in today’s world every bit as much as it has in the past. If you can maintain that team atmosphere and cultivate a shop environment that employees want to dedicate themselves to, you stand a better chance of maintaining success because the knowledge and experience that was gained over the generations is unquantifiable. The key to Laciny Bros.’ success has been its employees, the craftsmanship that they possess and my family’s dedication to them. The two go hand in hand.” 

— Content and Images Courtesy of St. Louis Small Business Monthly


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