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  • 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centers
  • CNC Lathes & Mills
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  • CAD/CAM & Mastercam® Software

Through years of providing custom metal fabrication for a variety of industries, Laciny Bros. has developed an expert machine shop capable of furnishing any component or part imaginable. Laciny Bros. specializes in complex, "one off" parts or small to medium volume runs. We can machine a variety of metals and plastics including stainless steel, aluminum, hastelloy, graphite, titanium, lead, beryllium, brass, tool steel, polycarbonate, delrin, UHMW, HDPE, PEEK, Kydex, Kynar, among many others. Our state of the art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines create the parts you need, within the tolerances you require. In addition to furnishing OEM parts, we often reverse engineer used parts and replicate worn components. Laciny Bros.' commitment to service and customer support make us an ideal candidate to handle your spare parts inventory and be your Supply Chain Materials Management partner. We understand that our clients need support and Laciny Bros. prides itself on being there to help our customers, no matter the situation.

Working with CAD/CAM and Mastercam software, our CNC programmers are capable of creating complex programs to insure that our parts meet your required specifications. Additionally, our talented machinists are proficient with conventional equipment, should your project neccessitate quick manual machining. Having achieved over a century in the business, Laciny Bros. is confident we can handle all of your machining needs.