Laciny Bros. Accepted into ISN Network

Laciny Bros. recently completed an extensive application process to join the ISN Network, a database that connects companies with safe and reliable contractors. As advertised on the ISN Network website,

“ISNetworld connects Hiring Clients with safe and sustainable contractors, facilitating partnerships to help ensure compliance with safety and procurement standards. Hiring Clients have multiple tools that enable clear and open communication. Subscribed contractors and suppliers are provided with marketing and networking opportunities to increase their visibility to Hiring Clients across various industries.”

Hiring clients include (but are not limited to) Monsanto, ConAgra Foods, ConocoPhillips, Dean Foods, General Mills, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft Foods, Merck and Co., Nestle North America, PepsiCo, Pinnacle Foods Group, Sanofi, Sigma-Aldrich and Unilever, amoung many others.

Laciny Bros. is proud to have been accepted into ISN’s database of viable contractors whose reputation and safety record matches their skill level. To learn more, visit

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